AvoTerra Avocados
Avocados from Mexico

Hass avocado production in Mexico is concentrated in the State of Michoacán, southwest of Mexico City, and centered around the city of Uruapan. The fruit is grown in rich volcanic soil over a wide range of elevations that allows for nearly continuous avocado production. Hass avocado imports from Mexico to the United States are allowed year-round into all states.

Index receives Hass avocados from Mexico and markets them under the AvoTerra label. This fruit is offered in 11.2-kilo lugs, and is labeled and palletized on 40” by 48” pallets and strapped with corner boards. RPCs and bags are also available with the AvoTerra label from Mexico.


• Hass

Sizes/Count: 40, 48, 60
Handling: Storage Temperature: 40-42° F (4-5° C)
Humidity: 85%
Food Safety: PrimusLabs.com facility audit

Links: www.apeamac.com