AvoTerra Avocados
Avocados from California

California is an avocado grower’s paradise. The Golden State’s temperate climate and vast growing region deliver a wide variety of avocados for the majority of the year. California avocados are grown from the Mexican border in the south, to Visalia in the central San Joaquin Valley, all the way up the coast to San Luis Obispo in the north.

Index Fresh receives avocados from across these regions, and then packs and sells them under our “AvoTerra” and other labels. We offer multiple packing options, including tray pack and volume fill cartons (25 lbs.), flats (12.5 lbs), pre-conditioned fruit, labeled returnable plastic containers (RPCs) and customized bags in display cartons. All fruit is palletized on 40” X 48” grocery pallets.


• Hass
• Lamb Hass

Sizes/ Count: 28, 32, 36, 40, 48, 60, 70, 84, 96
Handling/ Storage Temperature: 40-42° F (4-5° C)
Humidity: 85%