AvoTerra Avocados
Avocados from Chile

Avocados are grown in central Chile, mostly in coastal valleys within 200 miles of Santiago. Chile grows multiple avocado varieties, but over the last several years has concentrated on Hass for export. With a season that extends from late summer to early spring, Chile has become a major supplier of avocados to the United States.

Index receives Hass avocados from Chile under the Santa Cruz and Propal labels. The fruit is available in volume fill and tray packed 25-lb. cartons. The avocados are labeled and can be pre-conditioned upon request. Index also provides a customized bag program in display cartons using Chilean fruit. Avocados are palletized and strapped with corner boards on a 40" by 48" grocery pallet.


• Hass

Sizes/Count: 32, 36, 40, 48, 60, 70, 84
Handling: Storage Temperature: 40-42° F (4-5° C)
Humidity: 85%
Food Safety: PrimusLabs.com facility audit