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Welcome to the Index Fresh Grower Seminar Series Section.

Index Fresh provides its growers the latest cultural information from experts in various categories. The Avocado Culture Seminar Series was launched in May of 2011 and will continue though out 2014.

Upcoming Seminars

Avocado Research

 Guest Speakers

David Crowley – Decision Support Tools for Avocado Production & Fruit Quality
Peggy Mauk – Salt Tolerant Rootstalks


Tuesday, 18 November 9 a.m.
Pala Mesa Resort, 2001 Old Highway 395, Fallbrook

Wednesday, 19 November 9 a.m.
Homewood Suites, 1950 Solar Dr., Oxnard

Thursday, 20 November 9 a.m.
Embassy Suites, Embassy Suites, 333 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo


Susan Soto:  909-877-0999, Ext. 258 or your Field Representative



Past Seminars

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Seminar Series Promo

Seminar Series Promo

See the individual seminar pages for full videos and presentation slides
for each seminar.

Seminar 1 - 2011

 Grove Irrigation Seminar


Seminar 2 - 2011

 Fertilization &Mulching


Seminar 3 - 2011

 Pollination Seminar


Seminar 4 - 2012

 Pruning Seminar


Seminar 5 - 2012

 Pests, Diseases and Rootstocks Seminar


Seminar 6 - 2012

 Salinity & Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer


Seminar 7 - 2013

A tiny avocado Managing a Large Avocado Crop


Seminar 8 - 2013

A tiny avocado Using Phosphorous Acid for the Control of Phytophthora


Seminar 9 - 2013

A tiny avocado Reading Your Trees


Seminar 10 - 2014

A tiny avocado Farm Labor Outlook


Seminar 11 - 2014

A tiny avocado Mobile Irrigation Labs

Avocado Culture Seminar Series by Index Fresh

If you would like information on future seminars please
contact our field staff.