Seminar 1: Grove Irrigation
The first in our series of grower seminars dealing with the irrigation of avocados.

Topics included:

  • How soil types influence irrigation
  • Water quality, soil capacity and plant relationships
  • Monitoring soil moisture
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of mini-sprinklers and drip
  • Tools available to determine when and how much to water


The following presentations were given at the seminar by experts in their fields:

The Water-Soil-Plant Relationship: Maximizing Avocado Production
Presented by Dr. Gary Bender and Mary Bianchi

Avocado Irrigation
Presented by Andres Bascope, Agricultural Engineer & Avocado Consultant

Presented by Lanny Sowell, Irrometer

Innovations in Soil Moisture Monitoring
Presented by Melissa Naber, PureSense







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