Mission, Vision, Values


“To consistently provide superior service and returns to our growers and global partners by being an exceptional supplier of premium fresh avocados to valued customers.”


  1. Provide excellent service for customers and growers.
  2. Deliver safe, high quality products.
  3. Provide superior returns for growers and trading partners.
  4. Aggressively build and market the Index Fresh and AvoTerra brands.
  5. Operate strong communication and education platforms for our growers.
  6. Maintain state of the art packing and marketing infrastructure.


“To be an industry leader as a packer, shipper and premium marketer of avocados domestically and internationally, and recognized by growers as the preferred avocado marketer.”


  1. Work as a team to build unparalleled competence.
  2. Grow Index Fresh’s market share to 12% over the next 10 years.
  3. Commit to preserve the California premium.
  4. Nourish a growth oriented culture for employees.
  5. Grow shareholder value through long term sustainable growth.


To achieve our Mission and Vision, we:

  1. Embrace integrity and honesty.
  2. Take responsibility for our actions, individually and as a company.
  3. Respect our customers, growers, suppliers and each other.
  4. Strive to develop innovative products, systems and relationships.
  5. Cultivate a dynamic and safe workplace for employees.
  6. Communicate openly and transparently.