Food Safety

Food Safety Program

Our Food Safety Program is based on good manufacturing practices, standard operating procedures and underlying HACCP principles. This comprehensive program is designed to be used in packing houses and cold storage areas. It’s also updated and improved as dictated by new government food safety recommendations.

Each aspect of the Index Fresh Food Safety Program is monitored and documented, and includes:

  • General Sanitation
  • Employee Hygiene Practices
  • Facility and Equipment Cleaning Practices
  • Food Safety Training for Employees
  • Pest Control
  • Inspection of Shipping Vehicles
  • Food Safety Documentation
  • Traceback and Recall Procedures

In addition to our in-house monitoring procedures, independent audits are conducted annually by third-party testing labs. Index Fresh recently completed a PrimusLabs third-party facility audit and received a superior rating. In 2015, we received a score of 99 percent.
Index Fresh is also certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers.


Ongoing training on food safety is provided to all Index Fresh employees. Self-audits are regularly performed within our facilities to determine the efficacy of the program. In addition, independent audits are conducted each year by third-party testing labs to verify compliance with food safety requirements.

We also ensure that our suppliers comply with all food safety regulations. Our Chilean and Mexican suppliers have conducted annual PrimusLabs  facility audits and received superior ratings.

Index Fresh complies with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices in manufacturing, packing or holding human food (CFR 21 Pt. 110)