Seminar 2: Fertilization & Mulching
The second in our series of grower seminars dealing with the fertilization and mulching of avocados.

Topics included:

  • How soil types impact fertilization
  • Fertilization techniques for avocados
  • Interpreting soil and leaf analysis
  • Advantages and disadvantages of mulching
  • Mulch application techniques
  • Sources for mulch
  • Answers to your questions


The following presentations were given at the seminar by experts in their fields:

Fertilizer Programs for Avocado Production/Mulching Avocados
Presented by Dr. David Crowley
University of California at Riverside, Department of Environmental Sciences

A Comprehensive Guide to Soil and Leaf Analysis
Presented by Chad Lessard
Director of Agricultural Services, Certified Pest Advisor
Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc.




Download and view the presentation Fertilizers Programs for Avocado Production

Download and View the Presentation A Comprehensive Guide to Soil and Leaf Analysis


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